Canoe & Kayak Rental Services

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Along with our professionally guided trips, we also cater to self-guided trips and gladly provide basic information, advice, logistical support, and rental equipment to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for our clients.

Our full-service canoe & kayak supply can outfit any size trip from a single kayak to large family reunions, scout troops, and church groups. We have a huge fleet of canoes and kayaks as well as a full line of camping gear and supplies from coolers to firewood and dry bags. We deliver and pick up our rental canoes at no extra charge.

Shuttle Pricing

There is just nothing that beats the convenience of someone else driving you and your stuff back up the road after your time on the water. We use 10 passenger vans to run our shuttles, which usually makes booking a shuttle with us the most economical method to get you and your stuff back to your vehicle at the put-in. The savings with this method is due to our ability to combine groups and divide the cost among the passengers. While we can’t guarantee you will be sharing a van, odds are you will. We also provide canoe trailers with gear boxes. The same goes for private vehicle shuttles. Most likely we will be able to drive your vehicle down to the take-out in a caravan thus bringing down the cost for everybody.

Section Of River Per Van
(holds up to 10)
1 Private Auto
Wood Bottom/Fort Benton/Coal Banks to Judith Landing $250 $250 Per
Fort Benton to James Kipp Recreation Area/Stafford Ferry $375 $375 Per
Coal Banks to James Kipp Recreation Area/Stafford Ferry $450 $450 Per
Judith Landing to James Kipp Recreation Area $450 $450 Per
Tiber Dam to Highway 223 Bridge $175 $175 Per
Highway 223 Bridge to Loma Bridge $150 $150 Per
Great Falls to Fort Benton $125 NA
Fort Benton to Coal Banks $125 $125 Per
Great Falls (there and back)
Fort Benton to Judith Landing
$470 NA
Great Falls (there and back)
Coal Banks to Judith Landing
$580 NA
Great Falls (there and back)
Fort Benton to Kipp
$595 NA
Great Falls (there and back)
Coal Banks to Kipp
$675 NA

Rental Items & Services

All our canoes and kayaks rent for $30 per day and include PFDs and paddles. We stock Old Town/Mad River/Wenonah/ canoes. All models are 17 feet or more in length and are constructed of royalex or polylink. Our canoes are selected for stability and durability. We have a few oversize 18-20 foot aluminum canoes and a couple shorter canoes for solos. We have seat backs for rent We also rent camping gear from coolers to tents. Starting at the bottom and going to the top, a chair is 2 dollars a day, a tent is $14 a day, everything else is in between.

Rental Item Price Per Day Description
Canoe $30 They are 169/174 Old town Discovery with paddles and PFD’s
Kayak $30 All different sizes w/ only one tandem with paddles and PFD’s
Paddle board $30 Inflatable NRS Myra or Earl Paddle boards with adjustable paddle and PFD
Carter to Fort Benton Day trip 50 per person Includes shuttle to Carter (the put in) and boat rental of your choice
Carter to Fort Benton Day trip with own boat $35 per person Includes a shuttle to Carter (the put in)
Fort Benton to Wood Bottom day trip $60 Per person Include Shuttle from Wood bottom to fort Benton and rental of your choice
Fort Benton to Wood Bottom with own boat $45 per person Includes shuttle from Wood bottom to Fort Benton
Guided day trip $100 per person This includes boat of choice, shuttle, lunch, beverages and a guide. Need at least 2-week advance and is contingent on available guides. 4 persons minimum and the section of river depend on the time of year
Cooler $5 Igloo coolers in all different sizes to pick and choose from
Dry Box $5 Water resistant, rodent resistant boxes to carry your dry goods
Kitchen box $25 Includes all your cooking essentials (we can customize to group size and cooking needs)
Stove $10 A Coleman stove that doesn’t include the propane
Table $5 A rolling table that is about 3ft by 3ft
Tent $7 4 person dome tents
Sleeping bag $10 2 different kinds of bags that are according to weather. Both are freshly laundered
Camp Pillow $2 Freshly laundered camp pillow with pillow case
Cot/ sleeping pad $5 Roll away cots and standard sleeping pads
Seat Back $1 Crazy creak seat backs with canoe straps
Camp chair $2 Folding camp chairs
Toilet $5 Either a 3-legged toilet with a seat or a bucket with a seat (depends on what your preference is and what is available
Toilet tent $5 A tent to create bathroom privacy in the outdoors
Big Dry Bag $10 Fits all your essentials (tent, clothes, toiletries, sleeping bag, sleeping pad)
Small Dry Bag $5 Fits clothes and all your toiletries
Wag Bags $5 per bag Poo bag with odor powder and is fully decomposable in 3 months. Great for packing in and packing out.
Maps $7 From Fort Benton to Judith Landing and Judith Landing to James Kipp Rec

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sections of the river?

The river is separated into 3 different sections that are all give or take 50 miles.

  • Fort Benton to Coal Banks- Beautifully maintained farm land with an abundant supply of birds and wild life. This section you will need at least 2 days and 1 night.
  • Coal Banks to Judith Landing- This is the Historic White Cliff sections with amazing scenes of visionary enchantment. This section you will need at least 3 days and 2 nights. However, we suggest 4 days and 3 nights for hiking and relaxing.
  • Judith Landing to James Kipp Recreation- This is where the river widens into the badlands. There is big horn sheep, homesteads and a remote primitive feel about it. This section of river you need at least 3 days and 2 nights.

Is there fishing?

There is warm water fishing for Walleye, Carp, and Golden Eye.

Is the water filterable?

No! You will need to pack water with you for your entire trip. Our recommendation is a gallon per person per day.

Where can we get water on the river?

Coal Banks and James Kipp Recreation have water stations.

Where are the good places to camp?

There are a lot of great places to camp and we would be more than happy to sit down with you and go over the map and your options.

What do we do with trash?

There are garbage dump locations at Coal Banks, Judith Landing, and James Kipp Recreation.

What bathroom system do you suggest?

Due to strictly packing in and packing out human waste you will need to bring your own system. We use the ‘Wag Bag’ system and have those for sale.

What can we fit in one of your canoes?

You should be able to fit 2 water jugs, a cooler, a cube, 2 big dry bags, 2 small day bags, 2 camp chairs and firewood. View canoe dimensions here

Can we bring dogs?

We all love our fur babies (I love dogs too). You can bring your dog but be aware of the drawbacks to doing so. Rattlesnakes pose a real threat to unrestrained, curious dogs. Dogs will be walking through a lot of mud (and tracking it into the tent) and some of the hikes are too difficult for dogs (require some climbing). You need to pick up dog waste just like you would human waste (pack in, pack out). We allow dogs in the vans but will count them as a person when splitting shuttle costs.

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