Missouri River Guided Canoe Trips

We believe guided trips should be safe, fun, and plush. Guided river trips offer the perfect opportunity to bond with and enjoy, family and friends (both old and new) without the housekeeping and cooking. When folks tell us after the trip that they just had one of the best times of their lives, we really take it to heart. To provide that kind of experience for people is very satisfying indeed.

Lunches take place in select shaded spots along the river and are designed to be refreshing social occasions with lots of fresh fruit and salads, such as our famous curry chicken salad. We also provide lots of ice cold drinks and home baked goodies. When we arrive at camp we serve appetizers such as a goat cheese with homemade red pepper jelly with crackers as you relax with a cold drink, take a swim, or read a volume from the river library and relax in the shade of a cottonwood tree. Dinners are served around seven, with careful attention to detail. Delicious entrees include grilled champagne salmon or dutch oven chicken and dumplings. Fresh salads and local produce along with creative desserts like our famous rum cake or dutch oven peach cobbler round out the menu.

With the long daylight hours of high summer, we will have plenty of time for an evening hike to view the sun setting on our river camp and the watch the wildlife beginning to stir around us. As darkness falls and the sky fills with a million stars, we’ll sit around the fire and enjoy easy conversation between new friends, until tired and happy campers turn in.

Birds awake us at daybreak and the aroma of fresh coffee and sagebrush drifts into your tent. Your guide hands you a cup of coffee while another points out a pelican gliding by… and another day begins. After a breakfast of french toast with strawberries and Canadian bacon we’re off for a hike into the “White Cliffs”. When you return to camp, lunch will be ready, and the canoes have been packed for the day’s paddle. This will be your life for the next few days as you reconnect with a way of travel and exploration that will leave you rejuvenated and energized at the same time.

The trip dates listed are a rough schedule subject to change, that is, we can change launch dates and trip duration depending on the wishes of those contemplating a trip with us. When we receive deposits on any trip the dates are locked in. A $200 deposit per person is required and the trip must be paid in full sixty days before departure. Please consider purchasing trip insurance if you foresee any conflicts or issues that could cause you to cancel your trip.

All our trips begin and end at the public boat landing in Fort Benton. Your trip includes all transportation from and back to this point. All meals are included from lunch on the first day to lunch on the last day. Sorry, you won’t lose any weight with us! All camping gear is provided, including, two-person wall tents, cots, sleeping bags, and water- proof bags for your personal gear. We use large river tripping canoes chosen for utility and stability. We sometimes send a gear boat ahead on larger trips. In general, we limit our trips to 15 guests. However, each year we seem to make an exception. Our average group size is 12, and our guide to guest ratio is 1 to 4.


Missouri River Outfitters puts love into our 3 course meals. We try to give you the flavors of Montana with local ingredients and Montana recipes while accommodating to any dietary restrictions guests may have. Along with great food, we provide complimentary beverages including cold wine, seltzer water, and Montana made micro brews. Our canvas wall tents accommodate 2 of our cots per tent with ample room to stand and move around. Just bring your personal items and allow us to do the rest.

2021 Schedule

3 Day White Cliff

  • June 24-26
  • July 13-15
  • July 21-23
  • August 10-12
  • August 19-21

4 Day White Cliff

  • June 4-7 (2)
  • June 10-13
  • June 17-20
  • July 2-5
  • July 8-11
  • July 27 – 30 (FULL)
  • July 29 – August 1
  • August 5-8 (FULL)
  • August 26-29
  • September 2-5

4 Day Bad Lands

  • June 26-29
  • July 15-18
  • July 23-26
  • August 12-15
  • August 21-26
  • Sept 7-10 (4 people)

6 Day White Cliff and Badlands

  • June 24-29
  • July 13-18
  • July 21-26
  • August 10-15
  • August 19-24 (2 people)
  • September 6-11 (Full)

Marias Trip
(return customers only)

  • May 28-31
  • June 3-6

Road Scholar

  • To be continued in 2022
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We have homemade three course meals throughout your trip. We buy Montana made products and hand pick fresh fruit and veggies to enjoy with every meal.


There are a lot of hiking opportunities and the guides will arrange hikes according to weather and guest preferences.

No trip is complete without delicious food.

Sample Menu

Trip Dates & Prices

Please call us for booking. We have a 8 person minimum and can cater to private parties and special dates.

Discounts Available

3 Day White Cliffs ($825)

This is a trip that takes you roughly 50 miles through the scenic and historic White Cliff section of the Missouri River National Monument. This trip is ideal for when the water levels are high and days are long.

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4 Day White Cliffs ($1000)

This trip will take you down the approximately 50 mile White Cliff section of the Missouri River National Monument. The perfect amount of time to get you established to river routines and connected with your guides and fellow floaters. There is enough time to enjoy more leisurely floats and plenty of hiking opportunities.

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4 Day Badlands Trip ($1,000)

The 4 day badlands includes some of the most secluded wilderness in the breaks. This section becomes larger and more “wild” with homesteads, bighorn sheep, the Nez Perce National Historic Trail, steamboat history and geological splendor. The Badlands are more rugged and remote with 61 miles of constant changing scenery.

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6 Day White Cliff and Badlands ($1,400)

Our 6 day trip will take you through the “white cliff” section of the river (approximately 50 miles) and the “Primitive Badlands” (approximately 50 miles). On your 100 mile journey you will see the river drastically change right in front of your eyes. Each day will be packed with activities including but not limited to hiking, paddling, storytelling, relaxing, and swimming. Once you reach the lower section you will have the privilege of scouting out bighorn sheep among the backdrop of rolling badlands.

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Missouri River at Fort Benton

  • Flow: 4580 ft³/s
  • Water Level: 2.17 ft

Missouri River at Virgelle

  • Flow: 5520 ft³/s
  • Water Level: 3.25 ft

Missouri River at Kipp Recreation Area

  • Water Temp: 38.3 ° F
  • Flow: 5410 ft³/s
  • Water Level: 13.65 ft

Marias River Near Chester

  • Flow: 553 ft³/s
  • Water Level: 3.50 ft

Marias River at 223 Bridge

  • Water Temp: 40.46 ° F

Marias River at Loma

  • Water Level: 1.34 ft