Bird Watching

Bird Watching Along the Missouri River: What to Know

The Missouri River is home to over 300 species of birds, making it a bird watching paradise. From the serene beauty of Bald Eagles soaring overhead to the vibrant colors of warblers and tanagers, there is something special for everyone who loves birds. But when is the best time to visit? What kinds of birds can you expect to see? Here is a brief introduction to what there is to know about bird watching along the scenic Missouri River.

Best Time of Year 

Late spring and early summer are some of the best times for bird watching along the Missouri River. This is when many migratory birds pass through and look for food, shelter, and nesting grounds. It’s also a great time to observe breeding behavior from resident species. Many birds will be singing their mating songs in hopes of finding a mate for the season. 

Kinds of Birds 

The Missouri River is home to an array of bird species ranging from raptors like Bald Eagles and Ospreys to rarer species like Black-crowned Night Herons and American Avocets. Other common sightings include Great Blue Herons, Yellow Warblers, Red-winged Blackbirds, White Pelicans, American Wigeons, Pied-billed Grebes, and many more. There are also numerous waterfowl such as Mallards, Canada Geese, and Wood Ducks that make frequent appearances during spring migration. 

Tips & Tricks 

When bird watching along the river it’s important to come prepared with binoculars or a spotting scope if possible. This will help you get better views of distant species or those that are tucked away in tall grasses or shrubs near the banks. It’s also important to wear comfortable shoes as you may be walking around for long periods searching for new sightings! Finally, don’t forget your camera (or cell phone) so you can capture some amazing shots! 

For bird watchers looking for a unique experience filled with beautiful sights and sounds, look no further than the Missouri River! With its abundance of different bird species both year-round residents as well as migrating visitors there is something special waiting to be discovered by all who venture out into its waterside habitats! Be sure to come prepared with binoculars or a spotting scope as well as your camera so you can capture these once-in-a-lifetime sightings! 

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