Current River Conditions

Water Flow

Check the flow before you go. To check the current river conditions you need to check the CFS.  Streamflow is measured by cubic feet per second (CFS). For a better visual, think of basketballs floating down the river per second. (If it is an average flow of 1,000 FS that means there are 1,000 basketballs floating by per second.) The Marias river is a spring river trip and is not floatable below 500 CFS. While the Missouri River fluctuates a lot but is best to float between 4,000 CFS to 30,000 CFS. When the river rises the current is faster and you will make better time on the water. When the river is low its slow.

Missouri River at Fort Benton
Missouri River at Virgelle
Missouri River at Kipp
Judith River near Winifred
Marais River near Loma
Marias River at Highway 223


Weather on the prairie can be really unpredictable as storm pockets have a mind of their own. check out specific locations on the Upper Missouri River to get more accurate weather for your upcoming river voyage.

Fort Benton
Coal Banks
Judith Landing

Air Quality

What is the air quality like in the area? Check out this interactive map of air quality. Great map for fire season and smoke.

Interactive air quality map


Eastern Montana skies are spectacular with little to no light pollution and wide-open skies. Catch a Super Moon, meteor showers, the northern lights or an eclipse. 

Fort Benton