Fort Benton Inner Tube Rentals!!!!

Embark on a memorable Montana float trip, an ideal family activity suitable for all ages! Immerse yourself in the tranquility of floating for 30-60 minutes at a time, punctuated by refreshing breaks. Begin your adventure at the fairgrounds and leisurely float downstream to the town’s cement ramp. The flexibility of the experience allows you to customize your journey, doing as many laps as you desire. Relax on the charming old walking bridge, where you can enjoy watching the tubes gracefully drift by.

Conveniently pick up your tubes at our storefront, and no reservations are required for this hassle-free aquatic escapade. Create lasting memories with your family as you embrace the beauty of a Montana float trip – an experience that promises fun, relaxation, and the scenic wonders of nature.


Single day use – $15 a day

Multi day use – $10 a day

Included with the package:

Inner Tube

Life Vest