Missouri River Guided Canoe Trips

For those looking for the quintessential Montana river voyage, our variety of guided “glamping” trips in the Missouri River Breaks offer the ultimate experience. A guided trip takes the guesswork out of how to enjoy the river at its finest in the limited time you may have in your schedule. Missouri River Outfitters experienced guides know the best places to camp, the best places to hike, and handle all of the camp logistics for you. Even better, they are skilled at telling the history of the river and they know the flora, fauna, and the stunning geology in which you’ll be constantly immersed. Our gourmet menu on the trip features local beef, Northwest salmon, vegetarian and vegan alternatives, fresh produce, and home-baked desserts. Best of all, our guides do all of the cooking (and clean-up!!), giving you more time to enjoy the scenery and the solitude. It is hard to beat chilled chardonnay or a cold, local Montana craft-brewed beer while lounging at river’s edge while relishing one of the unparalleled breath-taking sunsets, or a cup of fresh-brewed, French-pressed coffee while the sun rises over the prairie mist.

2 Day Adventure
– $600 Per Person

Upper Missouri River Guided Trips –
Montana White Cliffs

Eagle Creek is one of the most iconic campgrounds on the river and is known for its beautiful riverside views and fabulous slot canyon and petroglyph hikes. Eagle creek has a rich history.

3 Day Adventure
– $900 Per Person

Upper Missouri River Guided Trips –
Montana White Cliffs

Described in the Lewis and Clark Journals as “scenes of visionary enchantment”. Through the “white cliffs” you will see Teppee rings, Corp of Discovery Campgrounds, petroglyphs, and towering layers of Eagle Sandstone and Shonkinite.

 4 Day Adventure
– $1100 Per Person

Lower Missouri River Guided Trips –
Montana Badlands

Some of the most secluded wilderness in the breaks. This section becomes larger and “wilder” as the river opens up from white cliffs along the river’s edge to steep badlands surrounding the river.


4 Day Adventure
– $1100 Per Person

Upper Missouri River Guided Trips –
Montana White Cliffs

Towering white sandstone cliffs and secluded cottonwood-shaded campsites mark this stretch of the Missouri. Both sunrise and sunset provide unrivaled natural light shows on the cliff faces.

4 Day Adventure
– $1100 Per Person

Guided Marias River Trips

The Marias River is a very secluded river that is unmapped and uncharted. It goes through some of the most magnificent scenery. This river doesn’t have designated campgrounds and gives you the true wilderness feel.

6 – 7 Day Adventure
– $1550 – $1750 Per Person

Missouri River Guided Trips

You will see the river drastically change right in front of your eyes. Each day will be packed with activities including but not limited to hiking, paddling, storytelling, relaxing, and swimming.

Prices and Days Vary

Private Guided Trips

We specialize in private and charter trips to meet any groups needs and desires. We also feature “specialty” trips with guest leaders, unique menus, rustic accommodations and more.


Prices and Days Vary

Specialty Guided Trips

We specialize in private and charter trips to meet any groups needs and desires. We also feature “specialty” trips with guest leaders, unique menus, rustic accommodations and more.

Customer Discounts

All discounts are up to 10% off per person!

  • Pre-season booking (5% off)- booking by no later than January 1st for the upcoming season.
  • Educator (5% off) – we value our educators and were founded by schoolteachers. We honor retired and active educator discounts.
  • Children (5% off)- 12 and under.
  • Veterans (5% off)- Retired and active duty.
  • Local Discount (10% off)- 40 miles or less from the national Monument.
  • Journalists (5% off)
  • Returning customer (5% off)

Guided Trip Accommodations

At Missouri River Outfitters we provide a true luxurious river experience. Things you can expect are good local cuisine, comfortable sleeping accommodations, top of the line equipment, hiking suited to the groups needs and thorough safety plans.

2024 Schedule

All 2023 trips are customizable until filled. There are limited private trips slots available please call for details. Always better to book in advance! All trips booked before the start of 2024 will receive a 5% discount.

2 Day Missouri River White Cliffs (1 day canoeing and 1 day hiking)

  • June 15-16
  • July 5-6 *new moon*
  • August 3-4 *new moon*
  • September 7-8

3 Day Missouri River White Cliffs

  • June 14-16
  • July 17-19
  • August 23-25

4 Day Missouri River White Cliffs

  • June 2-5
  • June 6-9 *full moon*
  • June 20-23 *solstice*
  • June 27-30
  • July 11-14
  • July 25-28
  • July 25-28 (Private Trip)
  • August 1-4
  • August 8-11
  • August 15-18
  • August 22-25
  • August 29- September 1 *meteor shower*
  • September 5-8
  • September 8-11

4 Day Missouri River Badlands

  • June 16-19
  • July 19-22 *solstice and full moon*
  • August 18-21 *blue moon*
  • September 11-14

4 Day Marias River

  • May 30-2

6 – 7 Day Missouri River White Cliffs and Badlands

  • June 14-19
  • June 30-July 6 (Private Trip)
  • July 17-22 *full moon*
  • August 15-21
  • September 8-14

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people fit in a canoe?

We have 3 seat canoe and 2 seat canoes available. The standard canoe seating is 2 people per canoe unless their are small children that need the middle seat. If you are joining us without a canoe partner you will more than likely be in a boat with a guide.

How strenuous is the paddling?

You can expect to paddle 2-5 hours a day with breaks in-between to eat lunch and to hike. If you are worried about paddling you can request to be in a guide boat.

Where do we park while we are on the trip?

We have a large parking lot at our storefront location. There are cameras, lights and always employees up at the warehouse. We are proud to say that we live in a small community that doesn’t have much crime.

How do you accommodate solo travelers?

We do not charge extra for solo travelers. You will receive your own tent and will be in a guide canoe or with a fellow traveler.

What is the age minimum and recommended maximum?

Age is all relative! We do not have an age minimum but do require that kids are able to swim independently. We also do not have an age maximum and want to allow all ages to join us. Our goal is to accommodations for all disabilities, ages, and concerns.

Do you have maps for sale?

We have maps for sale at the storefront. There are also free downloads here (Coal Banks to Judith) (Judith to Kipp)

What is the best time of year to float the Missouri?

It all depends on personal preference. Click here for a more in-depth view of what the Missouri is like throughout the floating season.