3 Day Upper Missouri River Trip – White Cliffs

Embark on a captivating journey to the Upper Missouri River White cliffs, a place hailed by Lewis and Clark as a realm of mesmerizing wonder. Prepare to be enchanted as you traverse the majestic “white cliffs,” where Teepee rings, Corps of Discovery Campgrounds, petroglyphs, and imposing layers of Eagle Sandstone and Shonkinite await your exploration. Within this 47-mile stretch lies a treasure trove of historical significance, encompassing the stories of indigenous peoples, intrepid explorers, homesteaders, fur trappers, wood hawkers, bustling steamboat navigation, and captivating local legends. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of the past as you partake in an abundance of hiking opportunities along the Missouri River, making the most of every moment during your three-day sojourn. We venture into slot canyons, trace the path of historic markers, tour the dazzling white cliffs, encounter remnants of old structures and encampments.

This three-day Missouri River expedition to the white cliffs is particularly suited for groups who relish longer days of paddling. For those wanting to witness the awe-inspiring Missouri River Breaks but find themselves pressed for time, this excursion presents the ideal option. Our aim is to maximize your adventure within the span of three days. However, if you have young children or prefer not to spend prolonged periods in a canoe, we recommend opting for a four-day journey on the water instead.

We host a Meet and Greet session at the Grand Union Hotel on the eve of your trip at 6:15 PM. This gathering grants you the opportunity to meet with your knowledgeable river guides and fellow adventurers. During this time, you will receive a comprehensive itinerary outlining the journey and have the chance to ask any questions you may have. You will be provided with your river bags and essential gear for the entirety of your expedition. Feel free to indulge in refreshments at the bar before the Meet and Greet, as our primary focus during this meeting is to provide you with the necessary information and tools to facilitate your White Cliffs journey.

Please note that our schedule is subject to change. The river Miles and hikes are a rough schedule. We pick campsites and hikes according to weather, river traffic and group preferences.


Day 1:

River Miles 14.5 – 21.5

We will start our journey at 8:30 in Fort Benton. From there we will shuttle you about an hour to the put-in location (Coal Banks) While boats are getting loaded you will have a brief safety talk and paddling instructions. On your first day take your time learning how to navigate your boat and get to know fellow journeymen and journeywoman. On this day you will see Teepee rings, petroglyphs, historic landmarks, the start of the white cliffs and a Corp of Discovery campsite.

Optional Hikes:

Teepee rings, our favorite swimming hole, Neats Coulee, Petroglyphs/ Corps of Discovery camp May 31st 1805, petrified tree

Day 2:

River Miles 16 – 24

On day two you will spend a lot of time hiking and paddling. Day two is going to be the most scenic and is what the Corp. of Discovery describes as “scenes of visionary enchantment”. On this day you will go through the heart of the White Cliffs. Take it in and always have that camera on hand.

Optional Hikes:

Hole in The Wall

Day 3:

River Miles 7 – 11

This will be your last day on the river. On this day you will enjoy river stories, “flotillas”, and barking squirrels. You will be getting off the river at 12:00 where lunch will be awaiting you. After lunch we will load the vans and start our journey back to Fort Benton (arrival 3:00-4:00)

Optional Hikes:

Corps of Discovery camp May 29th 1805/May 7th 1806 campsite, prairie dog town

2024 Available Dates

June 14-16 (Limited Space)

July 8-10 (Private Trip)

July 17-19 (Full)

August 23-25 (Limited Space)

2025 Available Dates

June 11-13

July 2-4

July 25-27


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$900 per person