4 Day Lower Missouri River Trip – Badlands

The 4-day “Badlands” include some of the most secluded wilderness in the breaks. This section becomes larger and “wilder” as the river opens up from White Cliffs along the river’s edge to steep Badlands surrounding the river. The Badlands are more rugged and remote than the White Cliffs with 61 miles of constant changing scenery. We spend a lot of time on the water and hiking off the beaten path. Things you can expect to see are bighorn sheep, homesteads, old forts, Corps of Discovery campsites, geological splendor, fossils, petroglyphs and much more.

Please note that our schedule is subject to change. The river Miles and hikes are a rough schedule. We pick campsites and hikes according to weather, river traffic and group preferences.


Day 1:

River Miles 11.5 – 21

We start our journey at 9:30 with a 2 ½ hour drive to Judith Landing. At Judith Landing you will have lunch with your fellow river companions while guides finish re-stocking for your journey. At Judith Landing we will have some people getting off, some getting on, and some continuing on. After a brief safety talk you hit the water and start your journey exploring bunkers and homesteads.

Optional Hikes:

Murrey Dugout, Hagedone Homestead, Old Army Trail

Day 2:

River Miles 13 – 20

On this day you will spend a lot of your day in the canoe with homestead exploring and storytelling. This will be one of your longest days on the river. This is also the day to get out your binoculars and look for wildlife that is all around you. Once at camp there will be different activities to partake in if you would like.

Optional Hikes:

Corps of Discovery camp May 27, 1805, Chimney Bend, Corps of Discovery camp May 26 1805, Middleton Homestead, Ervin Dugout, Gist Homestead

Day 3:

River Miles 13.5 – 20

Enjoy a morning hike to get you going before heading out on the river. Once in camp take the time to relive the last few days on the river. Its sad to say but this will be your last night to enjoy each other’s company. Take it all in!

Optional Hikes:

Snake Point Hike, Camp IIges Rifle pit, Nee-Mee-Poo Trail, Corps of Discovery camp May 30, 1806, May 25, 1805, Hideaway Coulee

Day 4:

River Miles 6.5 – 12.5

This will be your last day on the river. On this day you will enjoy, river stories, and “flotillas”. You will be getting off the river at 12:00 where lunch will be awaiting you. After lunch we will load the vans and start our journey back to Fort Benton (arrival 4:00-5:00)

Optional Hikes:

Corps of Discovery camp May 24, 1805

2024 Available Dates:

June 16-19

July 19-22

August 18-21

September 11-14

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$1,100 per person