Here at Missouri River Outfitters, we create all of our meals with well rounded, nutritious ingredients and love. We are here to offer you the true Montana experience. Furthermore we love giving our customers the “flavors” of the area. That is why our gourmet menu  features some of the best local ingredients such as; beef, pork, fish, bison, vegetables, canned preserves, grains, beer, coffee, and dairy. We offer vegetarian, gluten free and vegan alternatives. With our Freshly curated sauces and home-baked desserts, you will be eating better than you do at home.


Best of all, our guides do all of the cooking (and clean-up!!), giving you more time to enjoy the scenery and the solitude. It is hard to beat chilled chardonnay or a cold, local Montana craft-brewed beer while lounging at river’s edge while relishing one of the unparalleled breath-taking sunsets, or a cup of fresh-brewed, French-pressed coffee while the sun rises over the prairie mist.

Locally sourced, pure ingredients, made from scratch!



Should we bring snacks?

Feel free to bring some snacks. However, there are always goodies to go around.

Do you offer vegan, vegetarian, gluten free options?

Yes. We send out a questionnaire before the trip. In the questionnaire, please write down any preference.

Can you accommodate food allergies?

Yes. Please provide food allergies in detail on our pre-trip questionnaire.

What beverages do you offer?

We offer water, cold seltzer water, cold Montana microbrews, wine, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and electrolytes tablets for your personal water