Quality sleep while camping is very important to use!

Here at Missouri River Outfitters, we believe that sleeping in the outdoors should be a comfortable and relaxing experience for everyone. Below is a list of the gear we provide to ensure a better nights sleep on the river.

Tents- in camp, we provide sturdy, spacious, weather-tested Springbar tents. Springbar is a safari style canvas tent that allows our guests to stand-up fully inside.

Cots- We provide “Roll-a-cots” that elevates you off the ground. They makes it a lot easier to get in and out of  and are usually a welcome feature for older or stiff muscle campers.

Sleeping bags- We provide freshly laundered 15 degree sleeping bags with a zip out sheet. The sheet keeps you from sticking to the sleeping bag material and is perfect to unzip and use on those hot nights.

Camp pillow- We provide a compact camp pillow with homemade pillowcases.

Portable batteries- upon request we can provide portable batteries for CPAP machines. Please note, we do not supply batteries as a charging port for other electronics such as cell phones, cameras, music devices, etc.


Can we bring our own sleeping bags, tents, and or pillows?

Yes. Everyone has their preferences. If you want to bring your own camping gear that is perfectly acceptable.

I have a CPAP is there a way to plug it in at night?

We have batteries available for CPAP machines that should last the duration of the trip. If you would like to buy one, we are happy to make some recommendation.