Specialty Trips

Specialty Trips are listed below. Please Contact Us with any questions or booking requests.

Cottonwood Restoration

Date: TBD

Price: TBD

Itinerary – Coming Soon!
bighorn sheep in the Breaks

5-day Badlands trip

July 4-8, 2024

Price: $1250 per person

Our 5-day badlands trip gives you an extra day on the lower river to hike, explore and relax. In fact, too often we are told that the trip is just not long enough. As a result, we are offering a 5 day Badlands trip to give our clients the opportunity to experience the lower river in more depth. by doing so, we have added an extra day. At a great value our guests will be able to take longer hikes into the rugged badlands. We usually don’t have time to see all the things that we would like to explore. However, this trip will!


Day 1: Miles 11.5- 14.5

During you first day on the river you will have time to explore multiple points of interested: Murray Dugout, Council Island, Iron City Island, Hagedorn Homestead and hike the 3.5 miles to the top of the Old Army Trail.

Day 2: Miles 19-23

The second day will be our longest day on the river with a lot of stops in-between points of interest. Things to expect are lots of swimming, exploration of homesteads, Geological splendor at Chimney Bend, Lewis and Clark campsites and much more.

Day 3: Miles 0-8.5 miles

Your third day on the river is for hiking and or relaxing at camp. We will go on one of the Missouri Rivers longest hikes that we do not have time to do on most trips. The hike will give you panoramic views of the Breaks and a glimpse of the Rocky Mountains which are described by Clark as, “Those points of the rocky Mountain were Covered with Snow and the Sun Shown on it in Such a manner as to give me a most plain and Satisfactory view.”

Day 4: Miles 10-18

We will explore in depth the Nee-Mee-Poo-Trail (Nez Perce fatal flight to yearned for freedom), where the cavalry rifle pits were located and the Nez Perce’s location had been discovered. It was a turning point in their flight. Once at camp we will have the opportunity to explore some Indian artifacts, prehistoric dinosaur bones and much more.

Day 5: Miles 7-13

Day five will be your final day on the river. Expect to see the old power plant, and Grand Island. Feast your eyes on the healthiest riparian zones in the Upper Missouri River Breaks, located in the CMR National Wildlife Refuge.

Music in the Breaks

Date: TBD

Price: $1100 per person

Join us on a 4-day White Cliff float trip with special guests and musicians The Lucky Valentines. The Lucky Valentines are Fort Benton natives and have been making music together for over 13 years. They have written upward of 60 songs and use a mix of folk melodic sensibilities, tight harmonies and whole lotta love to make sad things beautiful. Their sound could be bottled up as “Bruce Springsteen and Patty Griffin meet Shovels and Rope in a Gypsy Junkshop”. This trip is packed full music on and off the river. You will not miss out on hikes and all the other fun stuff we have to offer. It’s just adding a little bit more!


Day 1:

Location: Fort Benton

Start your first day on a guided tour through Fort Benton’s vast museums and wine and dine at a catered meal provided by the Club House and B Social. Enjoy a night’s stay at the Historic Grand Union Hotel while getting ready to start a 3 day journey on the Missouri River.

Day 2:

Location: Wood Bottom

Before getting on the river start your day off with a Yoga session on the old bridge (provided to you by TC Powerhouse). After you are loosened up, get ready for a 20 mile journey to your camping destination at Wood Bottom. A farm to table dinner will be hosted by Pigasus and accompanied by Golden Triangle Brewery. End your day under the stars Glamping in canvas wall tents and cots while listening to the flow of the river passing by.

Day 3:

Location: Virgelle Ferry

On day three you will paddle to Virgelle Mercantile where live festivities will be awaiting your arrival. The town of Fort Benton will be there to welcome you. There will be live music provided by The Lucky Valentines and a picnic style dinner catered by Chandee Bomgardner. For your final night, take a step back in time and stay at one of Virgelle’s rustic cabins, fully equipped with rustic décor and spectacular views.

Day 4:

Location: Fort Benton

On your final day enjoy a slow leisure morning with breakfast provided by Virgelle Mercantile. We will shuttle you an hour back to Fort Benton where you will enjoy your final lunch, at a local favorite, “The Freeze”. Say your departing farewells and enjoy your last day together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can Missouri River Outfitters accommodate?

We have had up to 30 people on a guided tour before. It all depends on how many guides we have available for the dates that you choose and what other groups we have out at that time.

Can we do a guided tour with just 4 people?

You can do a private guided trip with how ever many people you have. However, we do have a trip minimum of 8 people. That means that you would pay the price of 8 people. We have a guide to guest ration of 1 to 4 and for safety we have to have at least 2 guides on all trips guided trips.

What customization options are available?

We are happy to help you plan your private trip by offering customizations. Some customizations that are available are horse rides, extra days on the river, cabin stays at Virgelle, a full bar option, etc. Just let us know what you are wanting and we will try to do our best.