4 Day Upper Missouri River Trip – White Cliff

The Upper Missouri River White cliffs are described in the Lewis and Clark Journals as “scenes of visionary enchantment”. Through the “white cliffs” you will see Teppee rings, Corp of Discovery Campgrounds, petroglyphs, wildlife and towering layers of Eagle Sandstone and Shonkinite. This 47-mile section has an abundance of history including; First people, Early explorers, Homesteaders, Fur trappers, Wood hawkers, Steamboat navigation, old forts, and local tales. There is a lot of hiking on this section of river. Hikes include slot canyons, historic markers, touring white cliffs, old structures, old encampments and much more.

4-days in the “white cliffs” is our most popular trip! You will paddle 47 miles of the “white cliff” section of the Missouri River Breaks National Monument. This trip is the best way to enjoy the iconic White Cliffs of the Missouri River and gives the group enough time to enjoy all the hikes that this section of river has to offer. This is a perfect trip for those looking to spend less time in the boat and more time hiking or relaxing.

Night before your trip- We have a Meet and Greet at the Grand Union Hotel the night before the trip at 6:15. At that time guests will have the opportunity to meet their guides and fellow river companions. You will be given a detailed run down of what to expect on your trip and an opportunity to ask questions. At that time, you will also be giving your river bags and gear for the duration of the trip. Please feel free to get refreshments at the bar prior to the Meet and Greet. We do not offer food or beverages at this time but are happy to steer you in the right direction.

Day 1: We will start our journey at 8:30 in Fort Benton. From there we will shuttle you about an hour to the put-in location (Coal Banks) While boats are getting loaded you will have a brief safety talk and paddling instructions. On your first day take your time learning how to navigate your boat and get to know fellow journeymen and journeywoman. On this day you will see Teepee rings, petroglyphs, historic landmarks, the start of the white cliffs and a Corp of Discovery campsite.

Day 2: After breakfast Enjoy a long hike among the slot canyons of the Missouri River Breaks. Once back at camp enjoy a leisurely lunch before loading the boats. Once in the boats you have a short paddling distance to your next camp location. Once in camp enjoy swimming, hiking, napping, or reading.

Day 3: Enjoy a cool mornings hike to hole in the wall before loading the boats and heading out from camp. Once in the boats you will float and paddle among the most scenic part of the white cliffs. This section is what the Corp. of Discovery describes as “scenes of visionary enchantment”. On this day you will go through the heart of the White Cliffs. Take it in and always have that camera on hand.

Day 4: This will be your last day on the river. On this day you will enjoy, river stories, “flotillas”, and barking squirrels. You will be getting off the river at 12:00 where lunch will be awaiting you. After lunch we will load the vans and start our journey back to Fort Benton (arrival 3:00-4:00)


$1000 per person