4 Day Marias river trip

The Marias River is an untouched/unmapped river that goes through some of the most magnificent areas. The flows on the Marias are unpredictable and we have the Badlands of the Missouri River as plan B. On this trip you will see bison jumps, beautiful white cliffs, Lots of wildlife, and virtually no one else. We only offer one Marias trip a year. A lot of return customers seek out the Marias river.

Day 1: We will start our journey at 8:30 in Fort Benton. From there we will shuttle you about an hour and half to the put-in location. While boats are getting loaded you will have a brief safety talk and paddling instructions. On your first day take your time learning how to navigate your boat and get to know fellow journeymen and journeywoman. On this day you will see White cliffs, hear stories go on off the beaten path hikes and camp at non-designated campsites

Day 2: On day two you will spend a lot of time hiking and paddling. Both hiking and camping will be non-designated and off the beaten path.

Day 3: On this day you will hear Native American history and explore a massive bison jump. The bison jump is completely unaltered and is a magnificent sight to behold. Bison bones extend upward to unknown height and downward into the water to depths unknown. Camping will be on non-designated campsites.

Day 4: This will be your last day on the river. On this day you will enjoy, river stories, and “flotillas”. You will be getting off the river anywhere between 12-1. Lunch will be served and waiting you. After lunch we will load the vans and start our journey back to Fort Benton (arrival 2:00-3:00)


$1,000 per person