6-7 Day All-Encompassing Missouri River Trip
– White Cliffs & Badlands

Our 6-7 day trip will take you through the “white cliff” section of the river (approximately 47 miles) and the “Primitive Badlands” (approximately 61 miles). On your 109-mile journey you will see the river drastically change right in front of your eyes. Each day will be packed with activities including but not limited to hiking, paddling, storytelling, relaxing, and swimming. Once you reach the lower section you will have the privilege of scouting out big horn sheep among the backdrop of rolling badlands. 6 or 7 days sure do fly by and on that last day it is always a hard departure for guests and guides alike

6 day trips run From June- July and 7 day trips run from August- September. The schedule is subject to change with an added day in the later part of the summer. With Shorter days and lower water, we like to add a day for more comfort and less stress.


Day 1: We will start our journey at 8:30 in Fort Benton. From there we will shuttle you about an hour to the put-in location (Coal Banks) While boats are getting loaded you will have a brief safety talk and paddling instructions. On your first day take your time learning how to navigate your boat and get to know fellow journeymen and journeywoman. On this day you will see Teepee rings, petroglyphs, historic landmarks, the start of the white cliffs and a Corp of Discovery campsite.

Day 2: On day two you will spend a lot of time hiking and paddling. Day two is going to be the most scenic and is what the Corp. of Discovery describes as “scenes of visionary enchantment”. On this day you will go through the heart of the White Cliffs. Take it in and always have that camera on hand.

Day 3: On this day you will enjoy, homesteads, native American history, river stories, “flotillas”, and barking squirrels. You will be stopping at Judith landing at 12:00 where lunch will be awaiting you while we re-stock your trip. After lunch you head out into the wide open bad lands.

Day 4: On this day you will spend a lot of your day in the canoe with homestead exploring and storytelling. This will be one of your longest days on the river. This is also the day to get out your binoculars and look for wild life that is all around you. Once at camp there will be different activities to partake in if you would like.

Day 5: Enjoy a morning hike to get you going before heading out on the river. Once in camp take the time to relive the last few days on the river. Its sad to say but this will be your last night to enjoy each other’s company. Take it all in!

Day 6: This will be your last day on the river. On this day you will enjoy, river stories, and “flotillas”. You will be getting off the river at 12:00 where lunch will be awaiting you. After lunch we will load the vans and start our journey back to Fort Benton (arrival 4:00-5:00)


$1400 per person (6 day June-July)

$1550 per person (7 day August- September)