MRO Experience

Missouri River Outfitters strives to provide guests premier river experience while creating a sustainable river community that honors the past, revels in the present, and protects the future.

Our Mission

At Missouri River Outfitters, our mission since 1965 has been to curate unparalleled river experiences, introducing all ages to the authentic ‘river life’ of the Upper Missouri River and its tributaries. As the longest-running outfitter in Montana, we’re dedicated to providing full-service support and guidance, ensuring every customer’s journey is tailored to perfection.

We actively foster awareness, deeper connections, and a profound appreciation for the beauty of the Upper Missouri River. Our commitment is to be the gateway to an unforgettable Montana adventure, welcoming all into our river family and leaving an enduring legacy on the waters we cherish.

Why Choose Missouri River Outfitters?

Engaged Ownership: Steering the Course for Excellence

At Missouri River Outfitters, our unique strength lies in the hands-on involvement of our owners in the day-to-day operations. The owners actively engage in every facet of our company, playing diverse roles to ensure a seamless and exceptional experience for our customers. From cleaning gear to overseeing logistics, marketing, and customer service, our dedicated owners personally invest in every aspect of our operations. This direct involvement guarantees a level of care, expertise, and attention to detail that defines our commitment to delivering unparalleled river adventures.

We Are A Small, Hands-On, Family-Owned And Operated Business

At Missouri River Outfitters, being a mother/daughter dream team is an absolute blast! We conquer tasks together, dividing and conquering with camaraderie. Our work dynamic is just an extension of our close-knit bond—we’re not just invested in the business, but in each other’s lives, supporting and cheering on our shared goals.

Specialists in the rich history of the Upper Missouri River Breaks

Our guides bring extensive experience, professionalism, and robust education to each expedition, boasting years of navigation along the Missouri. They possess profound expertise encompassing the region’s history, intricate landscapes, diverse ecology, geological features, and the distinctive cultural nuances that define the expansive Northern Plains.

High Guide To Guest Ratio

Maintaining a low guide-to-guest ratio of one guide per four guests is a deliberate choice at MRO. This approach ensures our guides are fully engaged with each guest, allowing ample time for answering queries, exchanging stories, fostering connections with river enthusiasts, and swiftly making collaborative decisions as a cohesive team.

Local Food Sourcing

Situated at the heart of Montana’s agricultural hub, Fort Benton is fondly known as the ‘Golden Triangle.’ This locale inspires our commitment to sourcing all our meat and grains locally. Our approach to meal planning prioritizes well-rounded nutrition, meticulously crafted with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients in every dish. click here for a sample menu.

High Quality Gear

At Missouri River Outfitters, we ensure our customers access top-notch equipment: reliable, pristine, secure, cozy, and meticulously cared for to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience.

Quiet Waters

We believe in quiet waters and DO NOT run any motors on the river. We try to maintain the sense of serenity and seclusion that makes the Upper Missouri River Breaks a pleasant experience for all who venture here.

Community Involvement

As year-round Fort Benton inhabitants, we believe in upholding our small-town community.  We are happy to partner with local businesses, ranchers, farmers, schools, 4-H, and non-profits to do our part in maintaining a true “Montana Small Town Feel”. Here in Fort Benton, we mutually support, promote and advocate for one another.

Prepared For The Unexpected

Outdoor adventures inherently carry risks. At MRO, we prioritize safety by taking extensive precautions to minimize potential risks. Rest assured; we are fully equipped to manage any emergency. Our guides hold certifications in CPR, First Aid, and AED training, with several trained in advanced swift water rescue and wilderness first response techniques. Each expedition includes heavy-duty storm shelters, comprehensive first aid kits, sat phones, radio transmitters, and AEDs to ensure preparedness for any situation that may arise.

Informed Fun

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience in the Upper Missouri River Breaks, we prioritize keeping you informed of any pertinent river updates. Our team, deeply familiar with river conditions due to daily presence on the water throughout the summer, is dedicated to sharing this knowledge. For your preparedness, we offer direct access to local weather forecasts, water flow data, BLM updates, and suggested pack lists, equipping you with essential information prior to your trip. check river conditions here