Missouri River Boat Rentals

Along with our professionally guided trips, we also cater to self-guided trips. With over a dozen years of experience we provide basic information, advice, logistical support, and equipment rentals.

Our full-service canoe & kayak supply can outfit any size trip from a single kayak to large family reunions, scout troops, and church groups. Moreover, we have a huge fleet of canoes and kayaks as well as a full line of camping gear.

For liability purposes and convenience, we pre-station and pick up all of our rental canoes. We do this so that you don’t need to worry about it. Furthermore, all of our rental gear is inspected and cleaned before and after each use.

Canoe- Old Town 169

$40 a day

Solo Canoe- Old Town 119

$40 a day

Canoes- Wenona Escape (Kevlar)

$60 a day

Kayak- Old Town Loon

$40 a day

Old Town 186 (3 seats)

$50 a day


$10 per day

Action Packer

$10 per day


$10 a day

Camp Chairs

Varied supply of generic camp chairs -- $2 per day

Canoe Seat-Backs

$2 per day


2 or 4 Person -- $20 per day

Bathroom Bucket System

bags sold separate -- $3 a day

Sleeping Bag

$10 per day

Sleeping Pad

$5 per day

Camp Pillow

With pillow case -- $2 per day

Big Dry Bag 65 Liter

$5 per day

Mid-Size Dry Bag 45 liter

$2 per day

Toilet and tent

Wag bags sold separate -- $10 a day

Camp stove

$10 per day

Throw Ropes

$2 per day

Kitchen Box

Everything you need packed in a dry box! (Doesn't include food or a stove) $30 per day

Canoe and Kayak Reservation

Canoe deposits are required for booking. Importantly, we do suggest booking no less than 2 weeks in advance of your trip. In addition, for Large groups we say that you should book no less than a month in advance.

Canoe/kayak rentals require a $50 deposit per boat

All other rental items can be rented at the time of service. If you have a large group, we do suggest that your group send us a list (Via email) of rental items ahead of time. Included in that list please send us participant’s heights and T-shirt size so that we can have paddles and PFDs ready for you when you arrive as well

How it Works

All watercrafts are stationed at the put-in location well in advance. We will go over where to find boats and where to leave boats when you check in

All rental groups must stop by the storefront before their trip to pay the balance, sign waivers, and go over a general itinerary.

In conclusion of your trip we ask that someone in your group drop off the rental gear or leave the gear in our designated locked boxes. Lock boxes are at all location except for James Kipp Recreation Area. Alternatively, if you decide to leave your rental items with the canoes at the takeout, you are subject to replacing missing or damaged items.

Absolutely all boats must be washed out or your group will be charged an extra $10 cleaning fee per boat


How many people fit In a canoe?

Our canoes are designed to fit 2 people per canoe. Children can ride in the center of the boat with 2 adults in the seats.

What is your age limit?

We leave that up to you. However, all persons renting assume responsibility for their own safety. We suggest that everyone on the trip know how to swim on their own.

Can dogs be in the boat?

We are dog friendly. However, we do ask that you clean up after your pet while you are on the river. Please make sure your dog does well in the boat before bringing them.

How do we know what boat is ours?

We will go over all of this with you once you arrive!

How do we load a canoe?

Please check out our blog post on how to load a canoe!

Important Information

We pre-station and pick-up all of our canoes unless arranged elsewise

If you do not have a shuttle booked with us you will be charged $20 to station and pick up the boats ($50 for Kipp pickup)

If you are wanting to haul our boats you need to have an adequate trailer or vehicle with boat racks

We give you directions on where to pick up and leave the boats upon check-in

We station and pickup boats free of charge if you have a private auto or charter van booked with us

The only rental items we need to know in advance are boat rentals and Kitchen boxes. We can guarantee that all other rental gear is available once you arrive.

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