Missouri River Shuttles

We offer Upper Missouri River Breaks shuttles tailored to your group’s unique needs. Our drivers are experienced drivers in the area and have been driving the Missouri Rivers unique and challenging conditions for a long time. The majority of our drivers are retired ranchers, farmers, and locals. It is rare for us to send out less than 2 drivers at a time. Our drivers stick together in a fleet to make sure that all shuttles operate smoothly. Our fleet is on a scheduled maintenance plan and we come prepared with about any tool that may be needed. If we are driving your vehicle, we will ensure to give it a quick once over before driving. We are safe, experienced, dedicated and here to help!

There are two shuttle options available. We offer Missouri River charter shuttles and Vehicle shuttles. Both shuttle options can save your group time and planning.

Missouri River Van Shuttles

Van shuttles are perfect for larger groups or round-trip shuttles to and from Great Falls airport. Each van holds up to 10 people and come equipped with trailers for your boats and gear. Our team is there to help you get on and off the river safely while doing all the gear hauling back to your vehicles and or hotels. With our experienced drivers, you can learn about the area and learn some unique local history. Our drivers truly enjoy helping groups out and are there to be of service.

Missouri River Vehicle Shuttles

Our private auto/ vehicle shuttles drive your vehicle from the put in to the take-out location while you are on the river. This is the perfect option for small groups and or groups that don’t want to be on a schedule. If you are driving north or east after your get off the river, it sometimes makes more sense to have your vehicle waiting at the takeout. Please note that if you are renting boats and or gear form us, we pick up all of our own gear.

* The only exception to boat and gear hauling is James Kipp Recreation. If you are getting off at James Kipp and have a private auto scheduled with us, we will be there between 12-12:30 the day you get off the river to grab our rental gear.


Can you pick our group up at the takeout BEFORE we get on the river instead of AFTER?

Yes, this is called a front-end shuttle. However, we find that picking you up at the take-out and driving you to the put-in wastes a whole day compared to getting shuttled at the end of your trip. On top of that, its really easy to forget stuff and sometimes more convenient to have your vehicles at the put in with all your gear instead of the take out. Last but not least, if you are taking out at Kipp and have rental boats, we will charge you for an extra shuttle to come get our boats.

What if we get off a day early or a day late?

We advise you to stick to a schedule. We cannot guarantee we can pick you up a day early if it is not scheduled in advance. If you are late, you will incur extra charges for driving time and miles. The day you get off the river, we WILL have your vehicle at the takeout location by noon at the latest!

Will we know what day you are driving our vehicle?

We are happy to share our schedule with you. However, our schedule is subject to change.

Can your drivers take us shopping in Great Falls before we head to Fort Benton?

Yes, however, we do charge $15 an hour for driver time to run errands.