Water Flows

[USGS location=’06090800′ title=’Missouri River at Fort Benton’ graph=’show’ /]

[USGS location=’06109500′ title=’Missouri River at Virgelle’ graph=’show’ /]

[USGS location=’06115200′ title=’Missouri River at Kipp Recreation Area’ graph=’show’ /]

[USGS location=’06101500′ title=’Marias River Near Chester’ graph=’show’ /]

[USGS location=’06101630′ title=’Marias River at 223 Bridge’ graph=’show’ /]

[USGS location=’06102050′ title=’Marias River at Loma’ graph=’show’ /]

Trip Dates & Prices

Please call us for booking. We have a 8 person minimum and can cater to private parties and special dates.

Discounts Available

3 Day White Cliffs ($800)

This is a trip that takes you roughly 50 miles through the scenic and historic white cliff section of the Missouri River National Monument. This trip is ideal for when the water levels are high and days are long.

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4 Day White Cliffs ($1000)

This trip will take you down the approximately 50 mile white cliff section of the Missouri River National Monument. The perfect amount of time to get you established to river routines and connected with your guides and fellow floaters. There is enough time to enjoy more leisurely floats and plenty of hiking opportunities.

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5 Day White Cliff ($1,200)

The five-day trip is a little longer than the four day and includes nights lodging at The Virgelle Mercantile. Your first day on the water you will have the opportunity to learn how to paddle on the scenic 20 mile section that most people don’t take the opportunity to explore. Let us know if you would like to try paddleboards and or Kayaks on the first day.

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6 Day White Cliff and Badlands ($1,400)

Our 6 day trip will take you through the “white cliff” section of the river (approximately 50 miles) and the “Primitive Badlands” (approximately 50 miles). On your 100 mile journey you will see the river drastically change right in front of your eyes. Each day will be packed with activities including but not limited to hiking, paddling, storytelling, relaxing, and swimming. Once you reach the lower section you will have the privilege of scouting out bighorn sheep among the backdrop of rolling badlands.

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4 Day Badlands Trip ($1,000)

The 4 day badlands includes some of the most secluded wilderness in the breaks. This section becomes larger and more “wild” with homesteads, bighorn sheep, the Nez Perce National Historic Trail, Steamboat history and geological splendor. The Badlands are more rugged and remote with 61 miles of constant changing scenery.

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6 Day Road Scholars Trip

Road Scholar trips must be booked through Road Scholars. These trips offer the 6 day package and include two nights stay at the Grand Union Hotel before and after the trip. They also include an amazing historian out of billings that has spent many years chasing his passion for the breaks. This trip offers two different sections of the Missouri River National Monument. The first section is approximately 50 miles and takes your through the historic and scenic white cliff section. The second section is approximately 50 miles and gets bigger and more wild. It is common to see plentiful wildlife and take a walk through old homesteads. The Lower section takes you Through the Charles Russell Preserve.

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